Beast Recyclers – Where it all starts….

Neil McCoy and Shane Gammon visited the Bandit Industries manufacturing facility last week in Remus, MI.

As a new dealer for Bandit Grinders we were interested to see where and how these machines are built. We already carry several lines of equipment and pride ourselves as having the “best of breed” for almost any application. After seeing these machines built and talking with everyone from design to parts fulfillment, we are confident we made a great decision in selecting Bandit.

The Beast Recyclers process an amazing array of materials, such as stumps; logs; wet leaves; whole trees; landscape waste; pallets; railroad ties; telephone poles; housing demolition; sawmill, logging, chip mill and papermill waste; plastic materials, including plastic car parts; lime cake; shingles; and more!

The most important benefit of the Beast is the quality and uniformity of the end product. Breaking down materials by cutting, splitting, grinding, and now also by chipping provides a multitude of optinos for producing a desired end product. Various tooth options, screens of almost any size or shape, and the ability to change the infeed conveyor’s feed speed allows you to produce material uniform in size and consistency to bring top dollar. Tool options controlling the cut enable the Beast to deliver the best mulch products, the most uniform raw material for pressed board, the most acceptable boiler fuel, and the best hot mix asphalt supplement from grinding shingles.

To learn more about the Beast line of products, give us a call today. (205) 425-8099

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