EDGE Innovate adds to its product line up with the TRT516 Track Trommel

Leading mobile equipment manufacturer, EDGE Innovate; expands its product offering with the launch of the TRT516 track trommel. Unveiled to attendees at the recent USCC Compost’18 demo event in Atlanta Georgia, USA; the TRT516 track trommel is a mid-size category trommel screener. Targeted at customers who operate within sites with space restrictions; the new TRT516 track trommel is perfect for those who wish to regularly reposition their trommel screen onsite with ease.

EDGE Innovate say that the TRT516 is the ideal screening solution for the processing of compost, topsoil, domestic household waste and construction and demolition waste with its combination of robust design and ability to produce superior fine materials in comparison to competing models in its class.

With hydraulic folding product conveyors, the self-propelled TRT516 track trommel has a quick transport procedure, allowing operators to move from site to site with ease. Similar to EDGE’s wheeled mounted TRM516, the TRT516 is an end conveyor trommel design that ensures against contamination of screened product from material cross over. Large oversize and radial fines discharge conveyors also provide impressive stockpiling abilities.

Design features include a 16’ long drum, four wheel direct drive system ensuring maximum trommel traction, variable speed drum and feeder conveyor and a 180° radial fines conveyor fitted as standard. As with all trommels from EDGE Innovate’s range; The TRT516 is fitted with load sensing controls as standard. The drum and the feeder will work together to prevent overloading using pressure transducer technology. Hydraulic pressure being used to drive the drum is constantly monitored. If it is too high, then the feeder will slow down automatically. If the pressure is still too high, then the feeder will slow down again to an eventual stop. Most importantly; once the pressure in the drum begins to drop then the feeder will automatically speed up again to the operating setting.

The TRT516 trommel line offers a wide number of add on options including, a remote tipping grid, magnetic head drums, air knives and various screens and drum types giving operators the ability to tackle a wide array of applications.

The TRT516 is the first product to be added to EDGE Innovate’s growing range of recycling equipment in 2018. More additions are expected throughout the year.


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