Commando DC300Ri

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CommandoTM DC300Ri drill rig is a hydraulic, self-propelled drilling unit on a 4-wheel oscillated drive carrier and full radio remote control. Offering a wide hole range of 38 to 64 millimeters, the compact-sized multi-purpose drill rig is easily moved from one location to another, making it perfect for contractors working in variable applications.

Hole diameter 37 – 64 mm 1.5 – 2.5 in
Rock tools R28, R32, T35
Rock drill 9 kW
Engine output 74,4 kW
Flushing air 3 m3/min, up to 8 bar
Production capacity 450 – 800 m3/8h
Total weight 6100 kg
Width (m) 2.35 m
Transportation height/Tramming height a, 2.85 m
Transportation / Tramming height with safety cage a, 2.85 m
Total length 5695 mm
Tramming force 43 kN at 280 bar with one pump drive, 31 kN at 200bar with two pump drive, 26 kN at 170 bar three pump drive
Tramming speed Slow 2,4 km/h, fast 3,6 km/h standard and 4,7 km/h max speed with three pump fast tramming option
Engine type Caterpillar C3.6TA
Max. tilt angles 35 °
Number of cylinders 4
Engine output 74,4 kW / 2200 rpm
Screw compressor type Enduro 12
Air flushing capacity 3 m3/min
Flushing air pressure 4 – 8 bar
Air filters 2 pcs (FGP090)
Fuel tank 110 l
Capacity/vacuum 16 m3/min at 855 mm vacuum H2O
Filter elements/material 9 pcs/fiber
Total filter surface 7,2 m2