Sandvik D245S

Sandvik D245S

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Our Sandvik D245S diesel-powered, crawler-mounted rotary blasthole drill is a productive and cost-effective machine ideal for coal, copper and gold mining. It rotary drills holes with a diameter of 127-203 millimeters (5-8 inches), and at a maximum depth of up to 45 meters (148 feet). ​​


  • Open in-line engine design for easy maintenance and serviceability
  • Compact, powerful drilling platform for stability and support
  • Durable design for low operating costs and superior longevity
  • Excellent visibility for a productive operator environment
  • Effective pipe handling for shorter…

Technical Data

Engine power 343 kW
Max Hole Depth 45 m
Dimension (L-W-H) 8700 x 4600 x 14100 mm
Dimension Mast down (L-W-H) 14200 x 4620 x 4290 mm

with work deck removed or on safety hoop in place

Hole diameter 127 – 203 mm
Operating weight (empty) 33566 kg
Rotation power 99 kW
Rotation torque 14236
Single pass depth 8.65 m
Max air pressure 6.9 bar
Drilling technique Rotary
Boom/Mast type Rectangular tubing