Sandvik D90KS

Sandvik D90KS

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Our Sandvik D90KS diesel-powered, crawler-mounted blasthole drill is an operator-friendly and highly reliable machine with options for high altitudes, as well as harsh desert and arctic conditions. It drills holes with a diameter of 229 to 349 millimeters (9 to 13 3/4 inches), with a single-pass depth of up to 20 meters (65 feet) or a multi-pass depth of up to 85 meters (275 feet).


  • Unique design offers easy serviceability and lower operating costs
  • Large operator cabin offers high visibility and quick set up
  • Dual-mast raising cylinders ensures quick raising and lowering
  • Rugged drilling platform offers stability and support

Technical Data

Engine power 839 kW
Max Hole Depth 20 m
Hole diameter 229 – 349 mm
Operating weight (empty) 140328 kg
Rotation torque 16900
Max air pressure 5.5 bar
Drilling technique Rotary