Sandvik DX680

Sandvik DX680

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Sandvik DX680 is a hydraulic, self-propelled, self-contained and crawler-based surface rig with an ergonomic, high-visibility cabin and a rod handling system. The DX’s revolving superstructure, power, precision and versatility make them an ideal choice for construction, quarrying, or surface mining operations.

The DX series rigs feature strong CAT diesel engines – both TIER3 and TIER4* versions – that deliver pertinent power for the hydraulics and compressor.

TIER4 engine is a CAT 7.1 that utilizes DPF technology with a commonrail-type fuel injection system. One of the main benefits of the new technology is high rotation torque with lower rpm level. This brings improved fuel economy and also less noise to the surroundings. The TIER4 model is equipped with four separate fuel filters and an additional refuelling filter to guarantee smooth operation.

Fuel economy of the TIER4 model is further improved with a hydraulically driven cooler fan that uses energy for cooling only when it is needed. All DX rigs provide excellent fuel economy and are equipped with a big fuel tank that keeps the machines drilling for more than 12 hours without a stop.

Sandvik DX rig’s articulated boom is mounted on a revolving (120° standard/180° optional) superstructure, offering a huge drilling coverage of 17.6 m² (189 ft²) –26.4 m² (248 ft²) optionally – and letting the operator face towards the drilling spot at all times.The super-fast Rock Pilot drilling control system automatically adjusts to changing rock formations, sending an optimal amount of power to the rock. Rock Pilot ensures smooth rotation, solid rock contact and fast penetration in different rock conditions.

The rig’s stability is rock solid; the power pack is placed crosswise at the rear end of the superstructure to keep counterweight onthe opposite side of the boom regardless of drilling direction. This allows easy drilling even in rocky, uneven terrain or on steep slopes.

For difficult conditions, driving, rear jack operation and winch control can be done via an optional remote control box.