Ranger DX800

Ranger DX800

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Ranger DX800 is a hydraulic, diesel-powered, self-propelled top-hammer drill rig, and is engineered for work in challenging terrain for site set up, pre-split, and production in surface drilling. The self-contained and crawler-mounted rig has a revolving superstructure, unmatched stability, and drills holes with a diameter of 76 to 127 millimeters (3″ – 5″) in applications such as road cutting, pipeline drilling and foundation drilling as well as production drilling in medium-sized quarries and open pit mines. Ranger DX800 can be equipped either with HL820T (21kW) rock drill or HF820T (23kW) rock drill.


  • Fops and rops cabin
  • Excellent stability
  • 180 Turning upper structure
  • Straight holes
  • High suction capacity dust collectors
  • Higher productivity
  • Fully remote controlled


  • Hole diameter – 76-127 mm, 3-5 in
  • Rock tools – 45 or 51 mm (1 3/4″ and 2″) rods
  • Rock drill – 21-23 kW
  • Engine output – 168 kW