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The EDGE RTU Series brings a new concept to the bulk materials handling sector. Unlike conventional truck unloaders, the EDGE Radial Truck Unloader is able to be set up in minutes and eliminates the need to double handle material. Designed to allow operators to load directly from tipping trucks, dumpers and wheel loaders; the 52’ long discharge conveyor enables material to be  loaded into train wagons, barges, ships and hoppers. Unloading times as little as 60 seconds per truck and a massive 30yd³ hopper capacity enables the EDGE portal Truck Unloader to significantly improve cycle times and on-site production. With the capability to convey up to 750 tonnes per hour with a maximum feed size of 23” and boasting a 140° radial conveyor; the RTU220 is as comfortable on the port as it is in the harsh environment of the quarry.

• Greater operating efficiency by reducing the need to re-handle material.
• *Capacity to convey 750TPH (826UST) with a maximum feed size of 600mm (23”).
• Unload directly from articulated road lorries and dump trucks.
• Unloading times as little as 60 seconds per truck.
• Optional 140° Radial conveyor with impressive radial
stockpiling capabilities