Edge RTS 80

Edge RTS 80

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The Radial Tracked Stockpiler Series is a unique concept to the marketplace. Essentially it is a Radial Wheeled Stockpiler and Tracked Stockpiler all-in-one!

The remote control track system is used to move the machine around site including rough terrain. It is also of benefit when re-locating the machine to a different site as it can easily be tracked onto a low loader or Low-Boy. When the machine has been positioned for work using the Tracks, the EDGE Radial Tracked Stacker can produce a 360° stockpile. By engaging (via remote control) the wheel drive system, the operator can remotely radial the RTS Series either clockwise or ant-clockwise to create a 360° stockpile. The Automatic angle adjustment allows the machine to increase the angle of the machine as the stockpile below increases.

  • Can be used to create numerous stockpiles of different materials.
  • Huge 360° Windrow stockpiling capacity
  • Eliminates material segregation, compaction and contamination
  • Tracked unit allows both 360° continuous rotation and excellent on site manoeuvrability
  • Optional fully automatic stockpiling system
  • Largest capacity Radial Stockpiler available on the market
  • Can reduce fuel, maintenance and labour costs by up to 80%
  • Innovatively designed for fuel efficiency
  • Capable of being fed by large Primary Crushers, Secondary Crushers and Screens
  • Global After Sales Support


  • Automatic radial + raise function
  • Radio remote control radial + raise / lower conveyor
  • Dual power
  • Diesel genset/ electric hydraulic power pack / twin direct electric drive
  • Dual wheel drive
  • Belt widths from 36” (900mm) – 48” (1200mm) available


  • Huge windrow stockpiling capacity
  • User friendly control system
  • Hydraulic raise + lower head and tail sections
  • 30% more efficient diesel genset availability
  • Containerised for global transportation
  • Heavy-duty lattice frame construction
  • Stockpile rates 100 tph – 1000 tph
  • Deutz or Caterpillar engine available


  • Construction + demolition waste (C+D)
  • Sand + gravel
  • Compost
  • Topsoil
  • Wood waste
  • Mulch
  • Scrap metal
  • Aggregates
  • Coal
  • Food products