FTS-65 Tracked Feeder

FTS-65 Tracked Feeder

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The EDGE Tracked Feeder Stockpiler Series is designed to allow customers to efficiently convey and stockpile a wide range of materials including crushed aggregate, compost, top soil, bark, coal, sand and fines.

The main advantage of the EDGE Tracked Feeder Stacker is that it can be fed directly by any Excavator or Wheeled loader.

The Feeder Stacker Series is designed for customers who require a controlled flow of material output. The FS is excellent at holding a buffer of material within the hopper then allowing a regulated flow of material to travel up the main conveyor belt. With a fully speed adjustable belt the Feeder Stacker Series eliminates the need for a separate feeder and Stockpiler unit. This particular function means that the FS can be used to feed material onto Screenboxes and into Crushers.

  • A range of input and output heights
  • Can be used in conjunction with any crusher or mobile screening equipment
  • Can achieve huge stockpile heights
  • Designed for easy transportation
  • Rapid set up and shutdown
  • A range of options available including:  Vibrating Grid, Tipping Grid, Shredder Chamber, Over-band Magnet