Model 2290

Model 2290

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The model 2290 is the most compact of four whole tree drum-style chippers Bandit offers. It can be equipped with various set-ups and different configurations to meet your specific chipping requirements. A basic unit is equipped with a hydraulic swivel discharge and a 30-inch weld op pan. For high-production forestry applications, the 2290 is usually ordered with a fixed discharge, which will increase throwing velocity, and a 10-foot infeed conveyor. The infeed conveyor is a must for feeding limbs, tops and branches. The 2290 is available with engine options from 275 hp to 440 horsepower.

The model 2290 is a highly productive whole tree chipper and is capable of producing around 45 tons of material per hour. The Bandit slide box feed system along with a large chipper opening of 24.5 x 26 inches makes this unit extremely effective when chipping limby and forked material. The 2290 is a great entry level whole tree chipper for those loggers who are trying to capture their logging waste for the production of biomass energy, and is a favorite of tree services who branch into land clearing and specialize in large tree take downs.

The feed wheels consist of (1) 27-inch diameter chain driven top feed wheel with (2) hydraulic motors, and (1) 10 5/8-inch diameter bottom feed wheel driven by (1) hydraulic motor. This feed system generates approximately 56,138 in/lbs of torque for pulling and compressing large diameter whole trees.

The 2290 also feature a replaceable knife holder drum. This set-up allows you to switch the drum head from bolt-in to babbited knives. Like all Bandit drums, the model 2290 features an extremely durable 37-inch diameter x 24-inch wide drum with internal baffles and thick drum skin providing years of dependable service. The drum and its components are now backed by a Bandit 5 year “GUTS” warranty.

A high velocity stationary discharge is featured on the 2290 and provides maximum chip throwing power for fully loading full-length end-opening chip vans. You can be sure that your vans will be packed to their maximum capacity, reducing transportation costs and increasing profitability. Two bottom clean-out doors provide access to the inside of the discharge if needed. A hydraulic side-to-side and up/down chip deflector also provides an efficient means for directing material.