Model 2400

Model 2400

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Operations looking for a high production chipper with a large chipping capacity should take a look at the Model 2400. The Model 2400 is designed for those land clearing operations whose main goal is production, and those loggers looking to produce a high quality, dimensional chip. Like the Model 1900, the 2400 features a five feed wheel system that gives this unit unmatched crushing and pulling power. To aid in this capability, the 2400 features a Caterpillar or Cummins 700 horsepower engine.

The 2400 is equipped with a 220-degree hydraulic swivel discharge spout, allowing the operator to aim chips in almost any direction. It also enables several vans to be parked at the chipper at any one time.

As with all Bandit whole tree chippers, the model 2400 can be equipped with a cab and loader. The loader can be outfitted with either hydraulic or electronic joystick controls. The heavy duty back style loader has a reach of 232 inches without conveyor, 191 inches with conveyor, 50 degrees curbside and 85 degree roadside swing, and is equipped with a 45/35 rotobec continuous rotation grapple. The roomy cab features 3/8-inch thick lexan windows, deluxe swivel seat with either the hydraulic or electric joystick controls built into the armrest, a cab fan, auto feed tach, exterior working lights, fuel sight guage and a GEM software monitoring system along with a ceiling mounted air conditioning/heating unit. Also available with the model 2400 is a dirt separator option that separates loose material that may end up in the end product. It will allow for a clean chip for boiler fuel.

The 2400 is also offered as a self-propelled unit and can be equipped with Caterpillar 325EL undercarriage with either 700mm or 800mm wide pads. Self propelled 2400s are especially popular with land and line clearing contractors and are recommended for those logging operations that work in more severe conditions such as wet ground and steep terrain. The two Cat undercarriages offered–along with the powerful drive systems–provide this machine with exceptional muscle, great flotation and good maneuverability.

The 2400 is very popular with the land clearing contractors, especially the self propelled version and those loggers looking to produce a high quality dimensional chip. It’s also an excellent chipper for those wishing to produce a papermill chip, and is an ideal machine to receive debarked material from a stand alone flail debarker. Contact us today to see how the Model 2400 can help your business grow.