Model 2590

Model 2590

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The 2590 is a 22-inch diameter capacity, drum-style whole tree chipper with engine options available up to 600 hp. The large 26.25 x 30-inch chipper opening combined with the powerful feed system allows this unit to produce as much as 55 tons of chips per hour, enabling the 2590 to fill a 45-foot chip van in under 30 minutes. The 2590 is our most popular whole tree chipper; it’s especially popular with the loggers producing a fuel wood chip for the biomass energy markets from logging slash, whole trees, tops and chuck wood. Land clearers also find the Model 2590 a very desirable machine.

A fixed discharge system with a hydraulic side-to-side, and up-and-down discharge deflector is standard. The efficient throwing action, along with the stationary discharge can fully compact large chip vans, which reduces transportation costs and increases production.

A 10-foot long conveyor comes standard on the model 2590. Short logs and large piles of brush or tops are easily fed into the chipper. A large 27-inch diameter x 36-inch wide top feed wheel, and a 10 5/8-inch diameter x 36-inch wide bottom feed wheel provides maximum pulling and compressing power for feeding large diameter whole trees. Dual rear hydraulic stabilizers provide the stability needed when loading heavier material onto the conveyor.

A large 37-inch diameter x 30-inch wide drum can be equipped with bolt-in or babbited knives.

The model 2590 can also be equipped as a self-propelled unit, with or without cab and loader. The track unit eliminates the need to forward or skid material to the chipper, reducing operating costs. These units are extemely versatile when it comes to right-of-way clearing applications.

The loader can be equipped with either hydraulic or electronic joystick controls. The heavy duty back style loader has a reach of 195 inches without conveyor, 154 inches with conveyor and a swing of 45 degree curbside/85 degree roadside with a 45/38 rotobec continuous rotation grapple. The roomy cab features 3/8-inch thick lexan windows, deluxe swivel seat with either hydraulic or electronic joystick controls built into the armset, a cab fan, auto feed tach, exterior working lights, fuel sight gauge and a GEM software monitoring system, along with a ceiling mounted air conditioning/heating unit.