Model 3590

Model 3590

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Unwanted logging waste is no longer an issue with Bandit’s largest whole tree chipper. The Model 3590 transforms logging slash, land clearing waste, whole trees and brush into a uniform, saleable chip product faster and more efficiently than ever before. The Model 3590 and 3590XL are by far the most productive whole tree chippers on the market. The 3590 features a 37-inch diameter x 48-inch wide drum, with a 36-inch chipping capacity. The 3590XL features a 48-inch diameter x 48-inch wide drum with a 36-inch chipping capacity. Engine options range from 700 to 1,200 horsepower. The 3590 and 3590XL process the toughest whole trees and the wildest tops into dimensional chips more efficiently than any other machine on the market.

The 3590 is equipped with the best, most powerful feed system ever developed for a whole tree chipper. This system features two powerful top feed wheels, and two side feed wheels mounted in Bandit’s popular slide box feed system. A drag chain-style infeed conveyor increases production by making it easier to process shorter logs or large piles of brush.

The throat opening on the 3590 consists of a wide 30 x 48-inch opening, and the 3590XL opening is 40 x 48 inches. These large openings can accept material up to 30 or 36 inches in diameter. The powerful feed system effectively crushes and compresses limby material, guiding it to the oversized drum. Once at the drum, eight 12-inch long bolt-in or babbited knives reduce the material into uniform, saleable chips. The babbited knives allow for a custom chip size to be set per application or specification. Babbited knives also have more consistent heat treating and will chip longer before they need to be sharpened.

The secret to the Model 3590’s power lies in its newly designed discharge system, quickly packing 48-foot trailers. That translates to fewer trips to the dumpsite which will save time and money.
Loggers, land clearers and industry professionals know that hauling away logging slash, tops and other tree waste is costly and inefficient. The Model 3590 quickly disposes of these unwanted materials onsite and produces valuable fuel chips for use.

The 3590 models are the most productive chippers in our line up, with the 3590 producing in excess of 100 tons of product per hour. The 3590XL will produce more than 120 tons per hour. Depending on the type of wood, the 3590XL is capable of loading a 45-foot trailer in as little as six minutes.

As with our other whole tree models, the 3590 and 3590XL can be equipped with a cab and loader. The loader can be had with either hydraulic or electric joystick controls and will move with the cab. The roomy cab features 3/8-inch thick lexan windows, deluxe swivel seat with either the hydraulic or electronic joystick controls built into the armrest, a cab fan, auto feed tach, exterior working lights, fuel sight gauge and a GEM software monitoring system along with a ceiling mounted air conditioning/heating unit.

If you want the biggest, baddest, most productive whole tree chipper on the market, you better take a look at the Model 3590 and 3590XL.