Sandvik Pantera DI6400

Sandvik Pantera DI6400

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Pantera DI6400 is an advanced high-pressure DTH drill designed to meet the mining industry’s future needs in terms of safety, increased production and full automation options.

It is designed for vertical and inclined drilling of 115–203 mm diameter blastholes up to 45 meters deep, for wall control, pit development and production drilling.
Features and values
Designed for mining – better stability, reliability and longer service life.
Performance and Profitability – higher penetration rates and drilling capacity, optimized use of power, lower fuel consumption.
Safety and Ergonomy -better stability and safety in all applications and conditions, improved safety and better operator performance, easier access to service points, faster and safer maintenance.
Automation – Improved operator performance and safety, better process control and optimization, planning of maintenance, and availability
Sustainability – Better reliability and longer service life, optimized use of power, lower fuel consumption
Key specifications

Hole diameter: 115–203 mm (ø4½–8”)
DTH hammer range: 4 – 6″
Drill pipe diameters: 89–140 mm (ø3½–5½”)

Transport weight: 35 700 kg (78 700lb)

Major components
Engine output: 399 kW/1800 rpm
Air delivery: 28 m³/min (1,000 cfm)
Air pressure: Max 35 bar (Max 500 psi)
System platform: Sandvik SICA
Certificate: ROPS and FOPS