Pantera DP1100i

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Pantera DP1100i is a hydraulic, diesel-powered, self-propelled top-hammer drill rig, and it is the ideal choice for production or pre-split drilling in large quarries or open-pit mines and construction sites. As a default, Pantera DP1100i is equipped with a reliable HL1060T stabilizer rock drill, but can be alternative be equipped with HF820T (21kW), HL1560 (33k,W) or RD1635CF (33kW) rock drill. With HL1060T it drills holes with a diameter of 89 to 140 millimeters (3½” – 5½”).





Hole diameter 89 – 140 mm 3.5 – 5.5 in
Rock tools 51 and 60 mm (2” and 2 3/8”) rods
Rock drill 25 kW
Engine output 224 kW (Tier 3/Tier 4 Final) 250 kW (TIER 4F/EU Stage V)
Flushing air 11 m3/min, up to 10 bar(depends on used rock tools)
Production capacity 1,5 Mt/year
Total weight 22900 kg
Width (m) 2.5 m
Transportation height/Tramming height 3.28 m/3.34 m
Total length 11.5 / 11.1 m
Type Track mounted
Track type FL 6
Grouser plate width 400 mm
Ground contact length 2510 mm
Ground clearance 360 mm
Oscillation angles -11 – +11 °
Tramming force 150 kN
Tramming speed 1.8/3.2 km/h