Sandvik QA440 Double Deck

Sandvik QA440 Double Deck

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Sandvik QA440 delivers true static screen productivity in a durable, mobile package.

Designed with maximum productivity to the fore, the QA440 incorporates a large feed hopper, a pair of large independently angled screen boxes, and extended conveyors that afford massive stockpiling capabilities. This highly productive machine is carried on a large, durable chassis that is designed to withstand the rigours of a large quarry or recycling application.

Sandvik QA440 Features and Benefits

Here are the details on the Sandvik QA440 screen that set our machine apart from any other.

100HP CAT C4.4 Engine;
Large hopper – capable of holding 14 cubic yards of material;
Belt-overload protection system – this constantly monitors the pressures on the main conveyor and all stockpiling conveyors: slowing, stopping and restarting the feed conveyor as needed, ensuring no belt gets stopped by material due to overload while simultaneously maintaining constant feed on the screens;
Two high through-put 1200+ rpm screenboxes – result of the unrivalled high frequency screen-boxes – the high frequency also serves to ensure screens don’t blind over, even in difficult conditions;
Ratchet tensioning of screens – this results in unrivalled screen mesh changing time. Also, all four 10’x5′ screens are interchangeable to any of the four positions in the screen boxes;
Remote controlled tipping grid – this allows the operator simply to press one button from his cab in order to clean the grid-bars by lifting and lowering the grid back into loading position by the time he is back with another load of material;
Optional three-axle transport bogie – enabling the transport of the QA440 without the need of a lowboy trailer; and
Optional Hardox lined hopper –  for great durability.

The reason the Sandvik QA440 is the class leader when it comes to finish screening is due to our twin high speed (1200 rpm), independently driven and angled 10’x5’ screen boxes. This gives you a total of 20’x5’ double deck screening area. Having the total 20’ screening area divided between two 10’ separately driven, angled and suspended screen boxes allows us to run our screen at such a high speed without any issues. This design is patented and is exclusive to Sandvik, thus enabling the unrivalled screening we achieve.